In the last year I’ve made some amazing friends. Jena, Marty, Karin, and Jonathan are members of the CritterKin family and founders of the Not Perfect Hat Club. Twitter led me to Jena and Marty last year, and our friendship has blossomed into something wonderful! Together we have teamed up to teach my third graders […]


Our class has had the privilege of working with Jena Ball, the author of the CritterKin Tales and her partner in crime, Marty Keltz. We’ve met several times on Skype and Google Hangout as part of the “Be Kind” campaign. Jena started by introducing our class to Ricky Bobby, one of the mutts from her […]


WE DID IT! Have you ever left a conference saying, “I could do that!”? Last October, I attended the ITEC conference and attended a session by Adam Nidey about the use of iPads in his 3rd grade classroom. I was so impressed with his presentation that I went back to his afternoon session. Mr. Nidey […]

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